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And if you’re as broke as we are, let’s be honest: At some point we’ve all been up late at night trolling Craigslist, weighing the pros and cons of getting paid for sexual favors, wondering whether or not if you’re cut out for dat life.

Thankfully, for those who aren’t quite ready yet to take the plunge into selling sex, selling your used underwear seems like a much easier compromise!

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Useful I used to not see my dad while I was talking on the phone with him and that made me very sad but now with this app I can now see him while talking to him it's crazy awesome if you don't have this already I definitely think you should get this.

they are often more comfortable and supportive then “men’s”!

UPDATE: The term “Cross Dressing” should be banned as sexist.

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She just wanted to be seen as something more than a cute girl- and honestly was getting bored of all the boys trying to get into her booty shorts.If you’re a woman with a functioning vagina you already have a reliable supply of products to sell: your panties.* There’s something delightfully subversive about knowing that you are literally sitting on a gold mine.So instead of giving someone else money to get them washed, why not stick them in a ziplock bag, throw them in a mailbox and get paid already?She also never wear bras and never shaves her legs or arms.She has three mustache hairs she’s very proud of.- Lardo is a quiet introspective artist with the maddest organisational skills.He paints with passion, drinks with gusto, beats them all at flipcup and doesn’t bat an eye when they talk about their periods in very descriptive and gross terms (Shitty).


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    Die arme Sau wird erniedrigt wie es sich für eine Fickschlampe gehört.

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    Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.

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    Though he says he wants to focus more on his film career — and produced the big-screen movie “Perfect Match” — he says he couldn’t say no when Burnett came calling.

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    I find that even black men love to jump on this bullshit stereotypes of Asian men, their endowment and love making, its just racism, racial prejudice all over for men having too much competition to deal with so they don’t want to cut Asian guys a fricken break in movies and give them the damn lead roles, and sex them up and hook them up with whoever damn it, coz let me tell ya.

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