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I’ve experienced courtship, love, break-up, make-up, engagement, marriage, infidelity; couples therapy, reconciliation, separation and divorce; only to crank up on love once again. Love and all its ups and downs is really our best teacher and I’ve learned plenty .My personal passion and mission to help people just like you to sidestep the mistakes I made.They are also experienced in recognizing the needs of individuals in a relationship.They will get to know you, find out your preference in a partner, and use this information to improve your odds of finding your match.Silverman also coaches clients on what to talk about, what to wear, and where to go on dates. Silverman spends many professional hours in front of the computer working on online content management, SEO, and social media.John de la Rosa, who studies the self-improvement industry at Market Data Enterprises, says it's no surprise Silverman's business grew out of the recession.We recognize our clients’ desire for one on one attention and something more than just dates. Our focus is not only in helping busy, successful professionals meet, but also in attracting, connecting, and attaining the relationship they desire.We provide each client with one matchmaker who may act as a dating coach as well.

Miami's Dan Silverman grew his coaching business out of something he was doing free at bars all over South Florida.Save precious time, handle what must be handled within yourself to bring a stronger, clearer, inspiring version of you to positively impact the life of another. While I was working doing PR for these cool brands, I was also the wife of my college sweetheart and best friend. It was a simpler time before cell phones, texting and social media. We tried couples therapy and felt it was like putting a band aid on a tumor. I was looking outside to fill up what I could only fill for myself. The particular field of one-on-one coaching has grown exponentially since the beginning of the recession in 2007.My mission is to help people find, give and keep love.First off thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my site.I’ have found that many marriages begin to suffer communication issues after the first major marriage stressor.


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