Michael vick dating sonya elliott

The domain's owner, who lives in Chicago but uses a California company to produce and distribute the apparel, refused to divulge his name when contacted Wednesday.

He insisted he has no vendetta against Vick or the Falcons.

The attorney of Michael Vick is named Lawrence Woodward disclosed that there has been an undisclosed resolution of this case.

Sonya Elliott is a 26 year old health care worker went to get tested after having unprotected sex with Michael Vick back in April of 2003.

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Vick was identified in April 2007 as "the key figure" of an extensive unlawful interstate dogfighting ring operating over a period of five years, leading to massive negative publicity and separate federal and state felony charges and convictions under plea agreements, as well as payment of approximately Vick's troubles didn't start the day he was indicted.ambassador to the United Nations, met Michael Vick, the town's hottest sports star, coming off the field at Falcons training camp.Young, also on the Falcons' board of directors, began telling him about how he needed to become more than just a sports star.A lawsuit filed against Vick in Gwinnett County State Court on March 14 by health care worker Sonya Elliott, 26, claims the Atlanta Falcons' 24-year-old star gave her herpes, an incurable sexually transmitted disease (STD).Cale Conley, Elliott's attorney, refused to say Thursday whether his client possesses documents or other means of proving she contracted herpes from Vick and that he used "Ron Mexico" as an alias to conceal his identity when undergoing clinical tests.Michael Vick has had major difficulties over the past 5 years going from being the all time leading rushing yards for a quarterback when he played for Atlanta Falcons, to going to prison for fighting dogs, and now infecting a woman with genital herpes. Famous people resolve things out of court and out of the newspapers.


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