My friend is dating a jerk helidating com

In the very early days of him being around, keep it zipped.

You may not get great vibes off him (he "forgot his wallet" the last two times in the pub, right whatever) but look, she might be back swiping though Tinder next week.

He says these things in front of friends and family.

My friend acts tough and gives it back to him, acts like it rolls off her back.

Some people take longer to warm up and be themselves than others. Probably don't go in for the "OMG your man-bun is so cool, it doesn't look fucking stupid at all" shite. When you actually have to tolerate his presence, just try not to make it obvious that you can't stand the sight of him.

Dear Bestie, We know that people won’t change until they’re ready to, until they choose to, so spending energy on trying to change anyone is moot.

Your friend won’t leave her boyfriend until she has a change within and makes that choice from her own desire.

You want to see the good in him, so you focus on the rare moments of kindness and sweetness. He might insult me, but he comes from a troubled home.12. I know he'd ask me about my day if he weren't so pissed off.14.

And when he's acting like a dick, you choose to make excuses to every person you know — including yourself — to keep him around instead of cutting him loose.


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