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I was really digging the storyline and the hot action. He was masculine, spiritual, contemplative, and one hell of a fighter.

Dempsey quickly explained his racist comment to his viewers: “It was so unintentional…I can easily feel like I’ve got a hall pass being gay to totally understand discrimination and I can make those kind of jokes. Especially if it’s going to make anyone else feel a little bit different and feel a little bit down in some way.It felt sad walking into the place and seeing a multitude of men and women who looked like this was their last chance to end the year accompanied.It was a stark reminder that I was really one of them, on some level.But, hopefully, I was still safe from appearing so. I was really just fine with that, especially on a frizzling, drizzling New Year’s Day.He informed me that he’d be in a bright orange parka and that I couldn’t miss him. I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t as cute as his photo, which looked like a black-and-white snapshot of Heath Ledger. ) for The Last Samurai, and he graciously let me choose the seats. After all, he was the one who asked to see me, picked the venue, and selected the film, so I believed it was his responsibility to shell out the nominal cost for the pleasure of my movie-viewing company. Feels like all the guys have joined some sort of union and are out to destroy the world by corrupting the dating pool. So in the meantime I’m fighting bad guys either for Golden Missions or in my dating life…. This title has potential, but the execution was off.


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