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Only the members who you have added to your saved profile list can see your profile.Would you like to keep your profile hidden, or show it to all users?The following morning, Sandra (Julie Bataille), the suicide’s widow, weeps over his body.She blames a powerful French business mogul, Edouard Laporte (Michel Subor, one of Denis’ cast of regular actors who pop up throughout the film), for her husband’s death – he had warned the police about Laporte’s danger to his safety, as well as bankrupting him because of shady business dealings - and then reaches out to her seafaring brother Marco (Vincent Lindon) – he’s a captain on a Russian trawler – who hastens home to Paris to help his distraught sibling.Fake accounts operated by low-paid humans or automated software have become good business, too.They are used to inflate follower counts, to push spam or malware, and even to skew political discourse.Ninette designed the "Pokey Pants," shown at left, in the 1950s. The jeans were made by the Liberty Trouser Company in Birmingham, sold exclusively at Loveman's Department Store, and made enough profit to fund four scholarships for women at the University of Montevallo before the Korean War took all the denim away.

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How the young woman figures into the whole picture and what happens after forms the basis of Bastards, which begins promisingly before, unfortunately wallowing in the worst of human nature.

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