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The main problem is that you are testing if user Age equals "child" or "adult", but user Age is the scanner object. You can also use Buffered Reader instead of Scanner.

I think you meant to write age.equals("child"), as age is the actual String entered.

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Free Java offers Java-based chat rooms that include a feature-rich IRC-compliant Web interface.321offers chat rooms in many categories: singles, teens, adults, Latinos, Webcams, Asians, seniors, and more.The service is easy to use and has lots of features.Adult Chat also uses specifities of Java to setup itself without buyer attaintment about it.The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggested on the site to remove Adult Chat, what to do when trying to perform Adult Chat removal and protect from Adult Chat with some decent Adult Chat removal tool.ICQ Chat panel is very easy to understand and based on IRC, you can master it in no time.


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