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A young woman struggles with years of sexual abuse by a family member.It’s different, I think if a sexy guy with a killer smile asks for your number in the produce section of the grocery store. No, I’m talking about the kind where your best friend has set you up with her boyfriend’s lab partner in Chemistry 101. This brilliant author wrote an entire based on nothing but bad dates.Or your parents arrange for you to go out with the junior partner at your father’s law firm. Will she bear his nine kids and live happily ever after? It’s centered around a group of friends who own a matchmaking company.I cling to every word, totally sympathizing with the heroine’s crazy butterflies, the agony of what outfit to wear, and texting her best friend about whether or not to wear lipstick. There are too many to choose just one to talk about here, but I highly recommend you start at the beginning with Searching for Someday.Here is an example of a horrible date, that may not be a I admit that this scene had me hiding under a blanket as if I was watching a horror movie because it made me so uncomfortable!This means that teens who witness domestic violence are more likely than their peers to both suffer from and perpetrate abuse.


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