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You should see the 18 category when you (swipe to) refresh the Peeks app.To withdraw money from your Peeks wallet into your bank account, all you have to do is go MY WALLET in the menu options and tap the withdrawal icon.Ex: You purchased your bronze pass on April 10, 2017 for 9.On December 22, 2017 you decide to upgrade to Silver.That’s because providers set their rates and fees based on a number of variables, with risk being a primary consideration.

The transaction is initiated by a business to debit an account by submitting an ACH file.Processing more customers in less time is efficient and makes more sales possible.Additionally, merchant services providers will allow their member merchants some flexibility when it comes to getting cardholders’ signatures, but it comes at a price.Lift Charge Enrollment allows you to have a credit card on file for automatic charges on blackout dates.With this feature you have the option to skip the ticket window and go directly to lift on blackout dates.It all began back in 2003, the year credit card giants Visa began allowing merchants to skip collecting signatures for charges of less than without any liability for chargebacks.


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