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Try to think of reality TV without islands — more specifically, the location-scout-preferred Caribbean or Pacific islands. But which island grouping has given Pacific: 0; Caribbean: 0 (Mexico: 3) Pacific: 31 seasons; Caribbean: 24 seasons Winner: Pacific It isn’t how often you film on the island, but what happens on that island that matters.

While the Pacific islands can claim the very dramatic first season of have all called the Pacific islands home at one time or another.

I mean, the only reason to watch Bachelor and Bachelorette, which are both beyond stale, the past several years was to anticipate who will end up on the sleaze fest called Bachelor Pad. Unlike the Pad, the contestants will forgo the disease-laden Bachelor mansion and stay in an "isolated romantic paradise" location. There will be rose ceremonies, however, ABC did not reveal what role the roses will play.

On Friday, ABC shared its plan to launch a new Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise, this summer. We also don't know if there will be a weekly elimination or a cash prize at the end.

Fifteen years ago, that was a question that had zero cultural significance.

The show was controversial from the get-go, something that Fox hoped would drive ratings.

Four male contestants lived in one section with a dozen female models, and the four female contestants lived in another section with a dozen attractive men.

The romantic Caribbean islands are linked with fear, desperation, uncertainty, starvation, and thirst, but just at a romantic dinner at sunset, which is more palatable.

ABC crushed my trashy TV loving heart when Bachelor Pad was canceled last summer.


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