Pavel bure dating anna

Are you curious to find out which athlete Kournikova is dating?She once was tied to Pavel Bure and supposedly married Sergei Federov, so maybe it’s another hockey player.Even those couples in which one half of the pair is only famous for being married to a professional athlete are frequently featured in magazines and given their own reality shows.Although the couples in sports are those that have star power on both sides.Ivanovic’s career graph resembles that of another Anna, who also retired early: Anna Kournikova.

She was linked to NHL ice hockey players like Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov – with the latter claiming to be married to her.

TEAM: San Antonio Spurs WHEN: 11/17/2010COMPLEX SAYS: When Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker in November of last year, she cited irreconcilable differences.

Everyone knows that "irreconcilable differences" for celebs is just another way of saying a whole lot of shit went down.

Blind Gossip included these nuggets in their story: The public story is that the relationship just ran it’s course and that one party was tired of the lack of commitment of the other party. Blind Gossip also says the reason for the leak of the breakup was to prevent pictures of them with other people from coming out.

In their blind item, they used terms that would apply to Kournikova and Iglesias, such as “love match,” which is a play on Kournikova’s tennis career, “track record” which is another sports term, and “mole” because Iglesias used to have a distinctive mole. There are several big names involved as third parties, including a well-known supermodel and a mega-rich athlete. So, you probably will hear that Kournikova and Iglesias broke up because she was tired of waiting around for him to marry her after 12 years together, but the real reason is cheating.


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