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In the z'chus of helping another Kallah, may they each find their zivug tov and celebrate their own simcha very soon. Please include your full Hebrew name: to sponsor grand prize.Get free tickets when you buy Split the Pot - Look for codes online.They used recently developed vacuum tube equipment that was capable of audio communication.

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Membership in the PHA is a privilege that is extended to only a select group of men and women dedicated to the art of exhibiting the purebred show dog, and who agree to submit to our strict code of ethics and membership requirements.

Welcome to PHADog, the official website of the Professional Handlers' Association (PHA).

I think you'll find it full of information about our trade and the hiring of the professional handler.

Location: Germantown, MD Incall: Yes Outcall: Yes Edna: I’m a Southern girl that enjoys music and art. Being there for someone who is in need is what I love to do most in life.

I know how it feel to feel alone and just want someone to just talk to and cuddle.


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