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Please make sure that you have already completed Tutorial 4: Data Binding against Objects before reviewing this one.Right-click on the project and select Add-Add New Item to add a new Master Page called "Site.Anyway a sysinternal tool to find why the downvotes, is a good [email protected] A Since we are on site for programmers I assumed that OP problem is related to problem with his application code.

You make it borderless, suppress it from the taskbar, perhaps make it as well. Whatever the particulars, your users click the drop-down button and the form is shown.

To update it to use the master-page go to the top directive and add a "Master Page File" attribute: Note that VS 2005 will provide intellisense completion for both the attribute name, as well as provide a list of all valid master-pages in the project that you can use. Note that VS 2005 will provide intellisense on all of the valid contentplaceholders within the Site.

Master file that you can override: Wrap all previous content on the page with the control: Click on the "design" tab to switch into WYSIWYG mode.

After all, it exhibits a lot of the behaviour of a form: So, how does one achieve this behaviour?

Those last few points seem to represent a drastic departure from the way forms and controls work!


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