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This man is the live skeleton and his unique personality made him even more popular after working in television shows and movies.Let’s have look at his early life and his debut as artist, actor, Freak show performer, and fashion model.Read Nicola's account of how he found and hired his bizarre model. Formichetti paid off Rick's tickets for sleeping in parks, got him a passport so he could appear in a 2011 Mugler menswear runway show.Rick's unique look ended up influencing the entire collection and he appeared in print ads for the line. ," he was dancing with Gaga (made up to look like a zombie herself) in her "Born This Way" video.

As the clip opens, Gaga declares, "This is the manifesto of Mother Monster."She continues, describing the race she births as one "which bears no prejudice, no judgement, but boundless freedom." Gaga's opening narration sets the clip up as a battle between good and evil, with herself at the literal center of the fight.

These Madonna references join a growing list of comparisons being made between the pop icon and Gaga's "Born This Way," which many claim sounds much like Madonna's "Express Yourself." Lady Gaga Claims 1,000th Hot 100 No.

1 with 'Born This Way'"Born This Way" debuted at No.

She also took part in her university talent contest, attracting rave reviews from the judges, and released a little-known album with a band she was singing with (as Stefani Germanotta). Lady Gaga is, quite simply, the poster girl for over-the-top eccentricity.

Between her outrageous outfits, her role-play crossdressing, her incredibly trippy music videos and performances, and her camp sensibilities, Lady Gaga is easily one of the most...


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