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I MAY BE WRONG IF YOU KNOW ANY MORE ABOUT THIS SITE . Here's the thing I've learned about RC after being on there for several months and also getting to know several girls very well there. Now do some girls write you just for reponses and try to get you to chat so they can make a little money from the agency from the money you pay to respond or chat on their system?First many girls will have a form letter they send out to guys they are interested in and you will get this same letter over and over, maybe with different pics, just so they get your attention and you reply. Possibly..cann happen and I can't rule that our completely, but I have come to know several girls quite well and know their style of writing and what they talk about are things in their daily life, so if they are doing it to several guys and making a little money from this..only costs my the few dollars per letter, maybe - which is on the cheaper side of many sites that cost per letter.Love Compass is also a real search engine and directory of websites related to love, romance, singles, relationships, travel, dating personals, etc.We are proud to present the most secure, global and effective database of real singles looking for soulmates.It can be fun, and once you have written 15 letters to a girl (105 credits or about -90 depending on what you paid for them) you can get the girl's direct contact info (email, address, etc.) and write her directly, and then you are on your own! yes, you will find girls there that are on multiple sites there. That doesn't mean they are a scammers just because they try other sites. They are trying to find the right guy, just like we all are and that just gives them more chances to find "the one".by Jason (Denver, Colorado, USA) I first became acquainted with Romance Compass through an advertisement on Facebook.Personals site making your online dating experience prompt and pleasant.

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Now, are these ame letters they send over and over coming from the agency they are with? The girls are almost all model quality and you need to look at this as another form of "entertainment" in a way.I purchased a credit packet, and began investigating the site.I was immediately bombarded with 20 form letters each day, all from attractive women seeking companionship. As I used the site, I began to notice many of the obvious red flags of a scam based site.Now, as many of you may know, this site is typical of the less than reputable international dating sites on the market.They offer you the opportunity to purchase credits, for which you use to e-mail, video-chat and eventually request contact information.We currently unite and sponsor over 1000 partners - free personals site, dating websites, webmasters, and traditional online dating software services agencies. Websites that have text or banner links to Love and our Dating Search Engine, will be also added to Love Compass Online Dating Search Engine.


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