Severe error updating sysman config emoms properties

I gave local administrator for host and sys for database unfortunately I took the error “Remote Operation Exception: ERROR: Wrong password for user”.

oracle): As soon as you save the changes, oracle will be added to sudoers and be able to run commands as root with sudo.When I need EE what i did is firts I changed the ORACLE_HOME to home from XE home and I changed the ORACLE_SID to ORACOS then I started EM with emctl start Enterprise manager started but when I went to EM page database status was unavailable and needs recovery.I said recover database and this button took me the host and database credential entry page.Yesterday I gave my decision to upgrade my 10G OCA certificate to OCP.For preperation I need an EE or PE 10G database and I have two database installed (XE and EE (SID= ORACOS) )on my Windows XP Pro Machine.I have Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 Update 5 installed as an OS, and installed Oracle Database 12c.


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