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New Jersey State Police maintain a directory of registered sex offenders — and that data’s been used by to produce the following maps of registered sex offenders in nearly every New Jersey town.

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A person commonly referred to as an "itinerant vendor" who carries his goods and wares with him and whose purpose is to close out or discontinue such business within a period of one year from the date of commencement, and who occupies a room, tent, lot or other premises, for the purpose of selling goods, wares and merchandise.

My next step for our towns recreation is to develop a financial plan for the development of a new Phillipsburg Recreation and Community Center.

While I was on the Redevelopment Committee, we were able to negotiate with a developer and sell the old Ingersoll Rand site with demolition underway and a Redevelopment Plan in place which will result in job creation and an economic boost that our town desperately needs.

“It struck me as unsettling,” Spadea said in a conversation with Malloy — wondering why anyone who still poses a risk to the community is out of jail in the first place.

And they worry people who didn’t commit violent sex offenses may be maligned by being made to register.


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