Shakira dating

As Pique and his teammates take on Chile on June 18, let’s celebrate the couple.

Celebrities clicked on in real-time: 473,674,024 times.First we had Christina Aguilera flirting with dissing the man at every turn, and now Shakira has been getting physical with her se XXXy costar??Adam has apparently been inviting Shakira over to his home for Bikram yoga, and a source claims: View the past and present relationships of Shakira along with all the details.Shak A post shared by Shakira (@shakira) on , made recent headlines, after sharing a #TBT of the time he and the Colombian pop star were dating. "She is the greatest female artist, a great singer, a great composer, and I wish her the best she deserves." In case you were wondering... "A very beautiful and special remembrance with my beloved and admired SHAKIRA when we were on her tour around Brazil in 1997 ... Lots of better girls would whole-heartedly want to sleep with him and be his gf's, why Perello, she's so boring??!


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