Site system status not updating

Box Engineering is escalating the issue with the provider and is investigating all other possible remediations.

Update - Box Engineering continues to investigate the issue related to intermittent connectivity issues to Box.

The impact to customers may include the inability to load the Box Marketing Site (com), access to the Login form (com), loading Box Notes, and receiving 2-Factor Auth.

Monitoring - The incident is mostly resolved and we continue to monitor the performance until it is fully resolved.

Most parts of the app should work without problems, however you might run into occasional slow synchronization.

Also email notifications for shared lists, reset password emails and reminder notifications continue to be delayed until the problems are fully resolved.

We again apologize for the hassle and the problems this might cause you, thank you for bearing with us.

If this occurs it is important that the drivers are updated.

Drivers are the piece of software that tells your computer how to talk to the specific hardware you have installed or connected to your computer.


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