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It's sad yet not surprising that many youth in Saudi Arabia see a very heavy-handed side of Islam and as a result most of them are not into Islam.

They are amazed to know that people in the West become Muslim every day.

But Chisholm wasn’t the only cop who saw trouble in hiring Shipley. Jason Thermen also went on record to voice his concerns about Shipley in July of 2013.

According to the AP, Thermen said Shipley wrongly believed his badge gave him license to harass the public and ridicule citizens of the small northeastern Arizona city.

The government had notified that under Section 144 of the Cr PC, a ban has been imposed on wading through, swimming and diving in the sea at the beaches of metropolis for the next six months.In their reports, Chisholm and Thermen both noted that Shipley was a danger to society, yet somehow, this man was still given a badge and a gun.“If this behavior continues, it is going to get someone hurt,” Chisholm wrote, noting Shipley’s tendency to continue to go for his gun in situations where it was entirely uncalled for.Thermen also said Shipley was “pouting” because he didn’t allow the trainee to get into fights with a drunken person and with someone during a welfare check.“Shipley advised me the next day he went home and ‘pouted’ because I took the fight away from him again,” Thermen wrote.Yep, that's what happened at the University of Dammam.


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