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[Photo of smiling President Bush gesturing two "thumbs up"] President Bush was pronounced A-OK this week as he exited a physical at Bethesda Naval Medical Center.Doctors said the President has a clean bill of health except for a minor disease of the hand joints called Siskel-itis. There's a cure for it and it's called Ebert's Formula but there's a dangerous side effect -- it makes you really, really fat.The first guy to approach Michelle casually tries to differentiate himself from the others. "I think the whole world is," Michelle shoots back at him."I think one is our president," he says, eliciting a laugh from Michelle before showing her his t-shirt that reads "The future is female." Unfortunately his sly advances doesn't work on Michelle, nor does it work for any of the other men who pretend to be feminists to impress her. Luckily, Michelle's friend arrives just in time to rescue her from the creeps, but what happens after will leave you speechless. The conceit of this dating game lasted all of ten seconds, as Michelle was so entranced by Ryan that she asked him out just moments after coming on stage. While similar answers followed, Cena and Bayer became enraptured with each other, and their whirlwind conversation diverged into major tropes from old romance novels. The two completely forgot the other contestants by the end.“I feel like we’re the only people alive,” said Cena.“Next time, you better be a little smarter,” Pesci’s host warns.When Rock alludes to “doing the nasty” with the bachelorette, Sandler’s contestant gets riled up.

Melissa Mc Carthy made a return visit to “Saturday Night Live,” playing White House press secretary Sean Spicer in the show’s cold open.

This 1992 gem, “Bensonhurst Dating Game,” features the two players as contestants on a dating show.

But not all of the contestants are treated equally by host Joe Pesci." data-reactid="14" for a few years in the early ‘90s and appeared in many sketches together.

In the three-minute sketch, comedian Cecily Strong plays a woman named Michelle who shows up at a bar too early and decides to have a drink while she waits for her friend to arrive.

Michelle's night takes a turn when she meets several men at the bar who try to impress her by talking politics.


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