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IR/PS has purchased licenses for Sophos Anti-virus to cover all faculty and staff. After the first Next button, you will be prompted for an address, username, and password. Enter the username as AD\username but use your own username. Click Next to continue and complete the configuration of the installation.The general campus Sophos license covers all UCSD students, which includes IR/PS students. After clicking Finish, Sophos should go through the process of downloading the latest updates and installing them.An anti-rootkit is a security software solution that will detect a rootkit and eliminate it.According to Graham Cluley, Sophos detects and analyzes plenty of rootkits – most of them are for Windows XP and do not work with the next iteration of the Widnows-based operating system, Windows 7.Senior Technology Consultant with Sophos, Graham Cluley, comments: “Sophos Anti-Rootkit is, judging by our download stats, one of our most popular free tools.I'm delighted to say that we have now updated our free rootkit detection and removal tool to support 64-bit versions of Windows and the upcoming Windows 7.” A rootkit is a software system made up of a program or a program combo meant to perform one simple task: hide the fact that the system has been compromised.To make sure everyones Sophos Anti-virus installation is up to date, IR/PS is offering a secure update service to current faculty, staff, and students for their home and personal computers running Windows XP. While this is running, you can still configure Sophos by right-clicking on the blue shield in your taskbar tray and clicking on Configure updating.Follow these directions to install the most current Sophos Client Installer on your home machine. Note: If the username and password you entered during the installation process were incorrect, you will now have an opportunity to re-enter that information here.

Maslan.a : (Worm) : 50 ( FSG) : Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Windows ME Microsoft Windows NTR 4.0 Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Server T 2003 : 8 2004 : Proantivirus Lab . She grew irate, Why, may I ask you, did you think you had the right to take my clothes?Pictures are fine, of course, but they aren t as good as the real thing.Then click on the Disinfection tab and make sure that Disinfect items that contain a virus is checked.Also, make sure that Delete is chosen under Other actions against infected files. If you want to switch to using Sophos instead you should first uninstall the other product using the menu.


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