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Wellwishers accustomed to seeing King Juan Carlos, clutching the hands of one of his eight young grandchildren and flanked by his wife Queen Sofia as he leads out his family following Easter mass, are set for disappointment.For, while the rest of the family decamp this week to the island's royal residence for the traditional Easter celebrations, the 75-year-old monarch will remain at the Zarzuela palace in Madrid where he is recuperating from back surgery.As always, e Harmony used its famous research-based approach to build the compatibility model that is the backbone of the Spanish site.To update it for a new audience, the algorithim now takes into account linguistic and cultural nuances that are important in the matching process.Christianity has embraced podcasting, and this has revolutionized how people can hear the Word of God.Now, your church doesn’t have to be the one down the street – it can be any church you choose, even if you never set foot inside the actual building.

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It has been a year that has seen the popularity of King Juan Carlos plummet to unprecedented depths - to the point that even die-hard "Juan Carlistas", as his supporters are known, are now openly discussing the need for abdication in favour of his heir, Prince Felipe.

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Originally founded in Nashville in 2002 by Pete and his wife Brandi, today Crosspoint is a multi-state church with a large online presence.

They reach over 5,000 people each weekend across their five campuses, as well as countless others through their podcasts.


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