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The idea is still foreign to many, given that it involves getting out of their comfort zone and trying something new [but] that's exactly what Kavita Ajwani, founder of Dashing Date had in mind: “Meeting face to face, shaking someones hand, sharing a smile, chemistry, - that’s what dating is about.

These are things that will never be felt through a screen”.

It’s time to ditch the dating apps and kick it old school: aka interact in person!

Dashing Date has been labeled as "la crème de la crème of speed dating events" thanks to their selective choice in people, event themes and venues.

I enter through the Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, another Safdie design, built in 1991 (above) and is fussy and aggressive.

is the world's largest Speed Dating service for single professionals with monthly events in over 70 cities in the US and Canada.

Unlike online dating, your screening process is done in a more efficient manner, as you interact face-to-face, which is where chemistry and physical attraction play an important role.

Friend hook-ups are always awkward, for the simple reason that they almost never work out, and the light conversation you have with the other person just to be nice can be a waste of time.

8am: Habitat 67 Montreal's Trudeau Airport staff are barely in place when I disembark from the plane.

I have stopped doing that now because people were mostly angry when I called them, I was happier renting mafia movies with Ben and his friends, every Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and still I would visit the 't' on the mountain but now it reminded me of a rejected letter from the Hollywood sign, and Ben and I would order Chinese food until I came to recognize the Chinese delivery girl and she came to recognize me, our few sentences by the front door the highlights of my nights, How is the weather tonight, combing my beard before she arrived and brushing my teeth, then Ben said I needed a real girlfriend, so I began to walk Apolena home at night from our English lessons, she invited me inside and we sat on her orange couch with only a small pillow between us until I negotiated my fingers on to her cheek and pulled our faces together, she smelled like soap and, well, I am a gentleman but I think you know what happened next, lady, and the following day I felt painfully lonely, I missed my mother's hugs, I missed my father's temper, and I twirled my tsit-tsit, marched up my street, up the mountain, heading towards the giant 't' which Ben had long ago explained was a cross—but when it snows Mont Royal looks my hunched father with his white tallas around his shoulders—and I realized that I missed having a wife to complain, our secret understandings through body language, but you are prettier, hey we just glanced at our watches at the same time, a good sign, I realize I did not allow you time to talk, but I can plainly see that that you have good child rearing hips and I hope you will check off my name, Yitzhak, like I am doing to yours right now.

That's the concept behind Dashing Date, a dating service that offers clients the opportunity to meet singles face to face, in their appropriate age range, without having the pressure of sitting through a first date with a total stranger.

Image via Byblos Petit Cafe 9am: Byblos Petit Cafe How can I not order the Oriental Omelette at Byblos Petit Cafe, an Iranian restaurant in the bohemian neighborhood of Plateau Mont-Royal? This popular breakfast spot delivers; perfectly scrambled eggs, sprinkled with cardamon, rose petals and crushed nuts, are paired with sweet bread embedded with traces of black sesame paste, all washed down with a bitter strong tea.

Image via Safdie Architects 10am: Musee Des Beaux-Arts The impetus for this quick sojourn is Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands at the Musee Des Beaux-Arts, a recent exhibition that originated in Scotland and does not travel to the US.


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