Students dating teachers as bragging rights

It felt more like an initiation to a secret society than a meeting with friends. We felt like rebels in a school district where top students, who were mostly Asian, opted to study the stereotypical subjects that would result in financial stability and parental bragging rights.In a local cafe in a suburb 10 minutes east of Los Angeles, a group of three ethnically Chinese high school students founded our own academic club. Of the top 10 students in my graduating class from Mark Keppel High School last year, all Asian, eight of them are pursuing degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields in college. None are studying social science disciplines—economics, psychology, and sociology, to name a few.GV NSA will be handing out donuts and nursing survival kits to get this semester started!All nursing and pre-nursing students are welcome to join us Monday 12-2 in the Art of Nursing Room in the Nursing department!This will be a perfect time to ask GV NSA any questions about anything nursing related!Do you have the stuff needed to take on the Residence Life staff?

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Repeat after me: "It's not about the tools." Ask most students if they are Facebook friends with their teachers and they will tell you, "it depends on the teacher." That alone should tell us that a blanket policy prohibiting teachers from interacting on social networks with students is the functional equivalent of burying your head in the sand. Instead of trying to regulate behaviors from the 'top'-and there's plenty of evidence that extrinsic motivation doesn't work all that well-why don't schools and businesses add digital citizen training on top of the other social and ethical issues they address, such as diversity training, sexual harassment training, and school safety.

,” the university reported that of the top 10 undergraduate degrees for Asian Americans in 2009, nine were in STEM fields, with computer engineering, statistics, and neuroscience topping the list.

Foreign language was the only exception, coming in at number five. A voluntary response survey I conducted of 70 current and former students from AUSD and neighboring districts asked respondents about their potential or current field of study, what influenced their choices, and gave room for students to weigh in on the question.

As social networks become a normal means of connection, it's time to step back and examine the underlying purposes that the social networking tools facilitate.

Facebook currently has everyone's attention but it's not because the relationships on it are unique relative to other types of social media. Facebook, much to Mark Zuckerberg's delight I'm sure, has become synonymous with social media, like Kleenex is for tissues.


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