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In college, coming from an English medium school, he was able to pick up the coding concepts being taught, but his friends who’d largely studied only in Tamil upto their K12, struggled.

Shortcut list of some of the common acronyms and abbreviations used in chat rooms, SMS messages on cell phones, and instant messengers such as Yahoo and MSN.

Chat bots are used in applications such as ecommerce customer service, call centers and Internet gaming.

Chat bots used for these purposes are typically limited to conversations regarding a specialized purpose and not for the entire range of human communication. A chat bot is also called a Facts about Cloud Computing in 2017 The following facts and statistics capture the changing landscape of cloud computing and how service providers and customers are keeping up with...

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Just log in to the translation platform with your Word account, and suggest translations. In order to post to this site, you will need to log in with your account.

By following these guidelines, one can expect to surely win a lady’s heart across cyberspace.

As India’s technology sector evolves from services to building products for itself and the world, the use of English as the primary language for training and interacting with coders is being questioned.

Another example many teens often use is the abbreviations "POS " - parent(s) over shoulder, or "PAL" - Parents Are Listening, to indicate to the chat recipient that they are unable to talk because a parent is present.

Typing shortcuts are handy for slower typers, especially those with disabilities, as it is a quick and easy way of posting a sentence.


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