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"The bodice of the suit should line up with your shoulders." Gunn said that there are three elements men should consider with their clothing: silhouette, proportion, and fit.

We should look at our bodies as a series of thirds, going down from our shoulders to our toes.

He’s cooking up a special meal for Eduardo, less formally known as “the cutest boy ever.” The two recently returned from El Paso, Texas, where Guerra finally met Eduardo’s parents. The gourmand Guerra has had food on his mind for some time since he is an official celebrity spokesman for Dining Out for Life, a nationwide fundraiser in which more than 3,000 participating restaurants will donate a portion of all sales on April 24 to local HIV and AIDS charities. ” This is the second year that Guerra has participated in Dining Out for Life in an official capacity.“It’s the perfect opportunity to help out the community,” says Guerra, who lists French food as among his favorite cuisines, particularly the frisée salad, a savory mélange of lettuce, bacon, and poached eggs. He designed a limited edition “Movers and Shakers” T-shirt, printed with salt and pepper shakers, the proceeds of which will benefit the organization.He says the purpose of the shirt’s playful design as well as the event is to get people talking about HIV.He went on: 'I thought it was distasteful, I thought it was disrespectful of the event, and frankly of the museum,' he said. I thought, is this just for red carpet attraction and press? ' He explained: 'The nude illusion has to be done properly, and that means not with vulgarity. What's so difficult to do is to strike a balance in between, and be radiant and ravishing and sexy and alluring, and have people swoon - as opposed to gasp.' In particular, Ms.And basically I felt as though we were seeing women who just stepped out of the bath, and it was incomprehensible.'Tim - who in addition to serving as a mentor on Project Runway also starred in Bravo's Tim Gunn's Guide to Style and Lifetime's Under the Gunn - explained that while anyone can strip down and be noticed, it's more admirable to keep it classy.'Their nude illusion [dresses] were [like] floats in parade. Herrera pointed to three stars in barely-there gowns at this year's Met Gala: Jennifer Lopez, who wore a dragon-embellished Versace, Kim Kardashian, who wore a feathery Roberto Cavalli, and Beyonce, who wore a heavily jeweled - and heavily see-through - Givenchy. Herrera's designs are more about romance and classic glamour.Team Unity lost, and as the captain, Alex took the blame. Tim Gunn came to see the designers afterward, holding back tears, and said, “I couldn’t be prouder of the team interactions, and I couldn’t be prouder of your statesman-like behavior. And Alex, I have to say, you’re the greatest inspiration of all.


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