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In a study of mobile phone habits, about 75 per cent of those questioned admitted to surfing the web, using apps, emailng and texting while in the toilet - with more than 90 per cent saying they had returned calls.

According to the website, one in five men said they had participated in conference calls while sitting on their porcelain throne - seemingly unfazed by the prospect of accidentally activating the i Phone Face Time video feature or the potential for people to hear dubious noises coming from the cubicle.

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You need your friends to go to the bathroom with you so you can borrow their makeup and they can tell you if your hair looks good or not. You spot a cutie and your friend mentions she knows him. You need to know everything about him and your friends need to spill the beans. The second you step foot in a women’s bathroom, all rules go out the window; shirts go up and skirts come down as you fix your clothes and put things back in their place.

The token creepy old guy won’t stop winking at you or that freshmen keeps trying to dance.

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