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I looked up that error and it seems that i have a limit of 4000 charters since i am using Oracle 10g. This situation generally has a negative performance impact and may even lead to the application becoming non responsive or memory usage accumulating continually over time. Get Oracle Clob(9) Dim the Data As String = "" Dim the EID As String = dr(1) the EID = Regex. Value the Data = Replace(the Data, "…", " ") Try Dim str SQL As String is Connected2 = connect To Oracle DB2() If is Connected2 = False Then Msg Box("ERRORConn: " & Err. CSR_EAI_SOURCE Set STATUS_CODE = 'ERROR', COMPLETE_DATE = '', DATA = REPLACE(DATA, '…', ' ') WHERE EID = '" & the EID & "'" my Command. However, the prgblem is that its the same exact data i am putting back into that record so that is why i am unsure as to why its giving me that error for the same amount of data i took out of it. Number) End Try Nothing special, just do not hardcode the CLOB value as part of an UPDATE statement (string); pass it as a bind variable (parameter) instead. To avoid this problem, all single threaded apartment (STA) threads should use pumping wait primitives (such as Co Wait For Multiple Handles) and routinely pump messages during long running operations. Command Text = str SQL Dim param As Oracle Parameter = my Command. Here is my update code: Dim my Command As New Oracle Command() Dim ra As Integer Try my Command = New Oracle Command("Update CSR. I have never worked with Visual Basic (if I deduced the calling environment right); anyway according to its documentation, it seems to be achievable by passing it as Parameters property. here: the example seems to represent different command, the approach of passing a variable should be same). Dim Oracle Command As New Oracle Command() Dim my Command As New Oracle Command() Dim ra As Integer Oracle Command = New Oracle Command("SELECT * " & _ "FROM Table Name Here C " & _ "WHERE STATUS_CODE = 'ERROR'", Oracle Connection) dr = Oracle Command. CSR_EAI_SOURCE Set STATUS_CODE = 'Blah', COMPLETE_DATE = '', DATA = '" & the Data & "' WHERE EID = '81062144'", Oracle Connection) ra = my Command. Dim Oracle Command As New Oracle Command() Dim my Command As New Oracle Command() Dim ra As Integer While dr. Get Oracle Clob(9) Dim the Data As String = "" the Data = blob. To write our example, let us have a working Eclipse IDE in place and use the following steps to create a Spring application. Map Sql Parameter Source; import org.core.namedparam. Named Parameter Jdbc Template; import org.core.namedparam. Map Sql Parameter Source in = new Map Sql Parameter Source(); Value("id", id); Value("description", new Sql Lob Value( description, new Default Lob Handler()), Types. CLOB); String SQL = "update Student set description = :description where id = :id"; Named Parameter Jdbc Template jdbc Template Object = new Named Parameter Jdbc Template(data Source); jdbc Template Object.update(SQL, in); To understand the above-mentioned concepts related to Spring JDBC, let us write an example, which will update a query.

CSR_EAI_SOURCE Set STATUS_CODE = 'ERROR', COMPLETE_DATE = '', DATA = :1 WHERE EID = '" & dr(1) & "'" my Command. Does this have something to do with me using a CLOB field?or is there something else I am doing horribly wrong -------------- update actionlog set actionmemo = (actionmemo


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