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We are pleased to announce the availability of early code relating to the porting of MIT Kerberos to the Android platform.

This joint work was led by the team at ya SSL, and represents the first stages towards developing full support for the Android platform.

Some time ago I read that one of the distinguishing characteristics of an effective system administrator / engineer is laziness.

It seemed a little contradictory at first but the author then proceeded to explain why: if a sysadmin spends most of his time solving issues and doing repetitive tasks, you can suspect he or she is not doing things quite right.

In other words, an effective system administrator / engineer should develop a plan to perform repetitive tasks with as less action on his / her part as possible, and should foresee problems by using, for example, the tools reviewed in Part 3 – Monitor System Activity Reports Using Linux Toolsets of this series.

Thus, although he or she may not seem to be doing much, it’s because most of his / her responsibilities have been taken care of with the help of shell scripting, which is what we’re going to talk about in this tutorial.

This, in my opinion, is the first part to any future more advanced integration.

First, you must allow the Linux server full rights and access to the Windows workgroup and local domain.

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/bin/bash # Sample script written for Part 4 of the RHCE series # This script will return the following set of system information: # -Hostname information: echo -e "\e[31;43m***** HOSTNAME INFORMATION *****\e[0m" hostnamectl echo "" # -File system disk space usage: echo -e "\e[31;43m***** FILE SYSTEM DISK SPACE USAGE *****\e[0m" df -h echo "" # -Free and used memory in the system: echo -e "\e[31;43m ***** FREE AND USED MEMORY *****\e[0m" free echo "" # -System uptime and load: echo -e "\e[31;43m***** SYSTEM UPTIME AND LOAD *****\e[0m" uptime echo "" # -Logged-in users: echo -e "\e[31;43m***** CURRENTLY LOGGED-IN USERS *****\e[0m" who echo "" # -Top 5 processes as far as memory usage is concerned echo -e "\e[31;43m***** TOP 5 MEMORY-CONSUMING PROCESSES *****\e[0m" ps -eo %mem,%cpu,comm --sort=-%mem | head -n 6 echo "" echo -e "\e[1;32m Done.\e[0m" is the string that you want to show in color.See a full list of our sponsors Dear MIT Kerberos & Internet Trust (KIT) Consortium Members, We are writing today to provide an update on the status of the MIT KIT Consortium and to announce plans and paths forward for future activities.Since its founding in 2007, the consortium has enjoyed great success, establishing Kerberos as one of the Internet's standard security protocols and enhancing the MIT Kerberos reference implementation with thousands of improvements.Depending on your browser version and OS, Firefox or Sea Monkey may hang, crash, or simply fail to start because of a problematic plugin.If possible, visit Mozilla's Plugin Check page with another browser that Plugin Check supports (e.g., Safari or Opera) to help identify installed plugins.This will be followed by the Kerberos Interop Event on October 27-28 (Thursday-Friday) also at MIT.


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