Updating sql proceedure

'WHERE rownum = 1 '
updating sql proceedure-49

Also, there are some tasks that can only be performed using To process a SQL statement, you must have an open cursor. CLOSE_CURSOR(c); -- loop through the names and sals collections FOR i IN names. When binding a value to a bind variable or bind array, the string identifying it in the statement must contain a leading colon, as shown in the following example: BINARY_DOUBLE BINARY_FLOAT BLOB CLOB CHARACTER SET ANY_CS DATE INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND(9,9) (DSINTERVAL_UNCONSTRAINED) NUMBER TIME(9) (TIME_UNCONSTRAINED) TIMESTAMP(9) (TIMESTAMP_UNCONSTRAINED) VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET ANY_CS INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH(9) (YMINTERVAL_UNCONSTRAINED) VARRAY Nested table parameter for bulk operations.If we want to make a reliable and high performance system then these four operations must be implemented by stored procedures.Stored procedure also prevents Sql Injection attacks and reduce network traffic.For more about stored procedure refer the article Stored Procedure Plan Recompilation and Performance Tuning.We can insert records into the table(s) using stored procedure by passing data in input parameters.Also I want to mention that this sample only works with simple output parameters, if you are trying to query for resultsets I recommend to try the OPENQUERY statement insteed.


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