Updating vfp runtimes with sp2

Now that both Pro Lib companies have been closed down, the well known location to download VFP runtime packages is gone.w OOdy uploaded his latest installers on a new page: Alternatively you can download the files here, as well.

Jaro and Jaro-Winkler are suited for comparing smaller strings like words and names. I've used the Jaro-Winkler to match names, and also inventory SKUs, with excellent results both in speed and accuracy.

Note 1 Hotfixes KB 952548 and KB 968409 are cumulative.

Note 2 There are also Active X security updates for VFP 8.0 and VFP 9.0 and GDIPLUS.

DLL in the application directory, Visual Foxpro runtime could not find it.

When I re-configured the installer to place the file in the Windows \ System 32 directory, Visual Foxpro found it ok. How did you configure Express as to where to put the msvcr71.dll?


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