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It was easy because once at the website there was an upload button and I dropped the photo right in the blank spot for it. I took new pictures which are much nicer than the ones I have on those websites and also I should be able to add additional photos, as many as I want.

How do I get rid of my original photo and replace it with a new one, and how can I drag the new one right over it. I went to the website and could not delete the photo.

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As the number of video-sharing sites increases, figuring out the best way to share your videos on the Web can be confusing.

Click the links below to move to the section you want to learn more about: Easily, the most popular video-hosting platform with the largest audience – over 1 billion people.

Users can watch videos and post comments, subscribe to channels, create their own channels, upload videos* and monetize them.

Accepted file formats differ from service to service – some even recommend a particular video format and resolution to achieve the best online quality.Wenn du jemanden in einem Foto oder Beitrag markierst, wird dieses Foto oder dieser Beitrag auch mit der betreffenden Person und ihren Freunden geteilt.Erfahre, wie du diese Einstellung deaktivieren kannst.After the website is designed, it needs to be uploaded to a server in order to be visible on the Internet.To upload a website to a server, you'll need to find a website host and FTP application, connect to your server using your FTP application, then upload the previously created website files to your web server through the FTP client.We are currently sprucing up our website to be faster, easier to use, and just plain better all around.


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