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She added that efforts were made through “calls all over the state” to find other vendors, including “from Oswego to Saugerties,” but it was unsuccessful.

The vendors tend to schedule the “same weekends every year” for events held annually, she explained.

But some vendors are available this fall, which “gives us another option” for the festival although a different location would be needed, said Bliss.

There are still hopes of holding it perhaps around September, she said, adding that the St.

The old fashioned charm is descending into shabbiness and the overwhelming number of functions - weddings, etc.

Now Door County gets a chance to see Chives in action with this week’s opening of Chives in Baileys Harbor.

Not a huge deal but not what one would expect at La Valencia.

The property is on the last legs of its status as a luxury destination.

The Rome Catholic School festival, an annual event for over 40 years, was not held this year on its typical May weekend, and efforts to reschedule the fundraiser in August have not worked out.

But there are still hopes to revive the festival, possibly this fall or next spring, pending a new location plus arrangements with amusement ride and game vendors, says RCS Principal Patty Bliss.“We haven’t give up....


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