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The only thing better than a six-string made by Gibson is a guitar from their custom line up.Re-designs of the classics, the guitars in this section are Gibson's cream of the crop, and their specifications and looks mirror the models they created back in the '50s, '60s and '70s.This guitar stays true to the specs of the 1963 originals with its solid mahogany body, dual cutaway, pointed horns and nickel-plated hardware.Embodying the tone, feel and look of the original, this guitar has been brought into the 21st century tremendously with the incorporation of Gibson's Custom 20th Anniversary Specifications. Whether you're on the stage, in the studio or practicing in your basement, you'll feel like a rock star every time you pick up your Gibson custom guitar.The JVM410H has studio-quality digital reverb with a level control for each channel.This is also footswitchable, as are the amp's two Master Volume controls and the Series/Parallel effects loop.

It makes the JVM 4-channel effectively 12 Marshalls in one.

In a nutshell, the Marshall all-valve, 4-channel JVM410H 100-watt tube head is the most versatile Marshall amplifier ever made.

It also boasts more gain than any other Marshall to date--and that's really saying something.

Several models of Vox basses featured active electronics powered by a nine volt battery for Distortion ("Dance to the Music") and Treble/Bass Boost ("Happy Jack") effects and a 440 Hz LC controlled "E-Tuner" circuit which crossfades with the Volume Control knob.

The Apollo bass featured a single neck pickup and a single cutaway design similar to the Gibson ES-135 guitar, and the Vox Distortion and Boost active electronics. The Saturn bass is the identical but without the active electronics.


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