What makes a beautiful woman intimidating

Throughout highschool, I wasn't asked out very much.

Can a high school guy be intimidated by a woman or does it only apply to older guys?

The same thing that makes a guy intimidating to other guys, power.

A formidable power in any form, intellect, physicality, social mastery, greater skill, superior debate ability, any power that is felt to be overwhelmingly superior will tend to intimidate another person when they feel that they are unable to compete on the same level.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... In other words the highly perceptive ones get me sometimes, because I thought I had things fairly well planned. Its nice to hear different perspectives on this issue. It's the few seconds before we actually do the meet and greet thing; You guys sometimes have this wall around you..can't readyou.

I'm talking about this bizarre open conversation that happens at one of two points in a relationship: You somehow turn “you're intimidating” into an opening line.

Why, yes, you now have my attention because I'm now curious about your psyche.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Sometimes I drop the ball, then put my foot in my mouth. Life is to short and precious to let anybody affect you that way. Shortlist: This thread is in general, not about me. Then after that it's "ahh....it's just another crazy b&tch" ..aminute there we were thinking she seems too damn well-rounded that wemay not be worthy of her acknowledgement....until she opens her mouth.

I did a search and there are just too many threads on intimidation. Is there something about a woman IN GENERAL that men find intimidating? I don't want to assume about how this and that intimidates you. It doesn't happen often, but I like it when it does,never the less, intimidating. I think intimidation has to do with a persons personality not women in general. I think some people are just shy and thats it.chillin_in COI don't think shy necessarily translates to being intimidated. (this does not include fear for saftey type of intimidation)The only woman I would probably not contact even if the had the interests I was looking for would the women who aer very sucessful in their own business.


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