Who is cesc fabregas dating

"It is rather extraordinary that, less than three weeks after judgment was handed down, through his company in Barcelona he was offering to purchase (the flat)." Mr Lyon said it was “quite clear” from the judgment that the court had deemed Fabregas a wealthy boyfriend who provided Miss Semaan with funds when she was in Barcelona, and paid for taxis, flights and expensive presents.

"He is clearly a resource of far greater significance,” he said.

"There are five parties, all of whom have had absolutely no connection with the husband or his family, who have expressed interest in purchasing this property at £7.5m and all of whom have requested access for viewings, and all of whom are described by the proposed agents as being serious offers." But the appeal judge said encouraging more offers would be a breach of the contract of sale already agreed with Fabregas, and that, while unsold, the £4.8 million mortgage is accruing interest at a rate of £1,000-a-day.

In a witness statement read by the judge, Miss Semaan said if she stays in London she will not be able to live in the flat because Fabregas plans to rent it out.

But in a victory for Fabregas Lord Justice Floyd refused the London property magnate’s application to block the sale.

Mr Taktouk's barrister, Stephen Lyon, previously told the Court of Appeal: "Mr Fabregas, we say, is quite clearly a resource of far greater significance than the wife let on in the course of her evidence.

This week, he dragged 25-year-old Fabregas into the ongoing (and very messy) legal battle with his ex-wife over the proceeds of their 13-year marriage.

During their divorce battle, she told judges that she received little financial support from the midfielder, with whom she was alleged to have had an affair, and that his obligations were only to their baby.

Where both tales converge is that pneumatic, Lebanese-born Daniella was, apparently, happily married at the time, to her London-based, millionaire businessman husband, Elie Taktouk, with whom she has two children.

The first inkling 38-year-old Mr Taktouk had of the affair was when he opened his morning newspaper in June 2011 to be greeted by the sight of his wife, who is also 38, sharing a sun lounger with the Spanish international on holiday in Nice in the south of France.

And there are few things more likely to put a man off his breakfast than discovering the bikini-clad ‘mystery brunette’ draped all over a world renowned footballer in some foreign clime happens to be his own wife.

Mr Taktouk has not taken being cuckolded — so publicly — lying down.


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