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He remained with WCW as one of the company's top stars until 2001 when "The Chairman Of The Board" Vince Mc Mahon bought out the company.After spending a year on the independent circuit, Mysterio returned to major professional wrestling programming when he signed on with WWE and instantly became one of the biggest fan favorites on the roster.Mysterio stopped by for episode 103 and shared his thoughts on the revamped WWE cruiserweight division.

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He has to keep himself in peak physical condition, maintain his relevance and marketability, and figure out where he can get food at 1am from a one-horse town in Alabama.(Aotn) Lucha Underground is in the midst of enjoying a successful season 3 on the El Rey Network.Season 3 will feature 40 episodes which is more episodes than the past two seasons.In April of 2015 Mysterio suffered a hand injury and took some time off in order to help in heal.During his hiatus Mysterio was embroiled in a contract dispute with the company that led to his subsequent release.Lucha Underground uses wrestlers from the American independent scene and Lucha Libre Aaa Worldwide.


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