Who is sean patrick flanery dating

Producers Forrest Lucas and Ali Afshar are launching the underground fighting drama “American Fighter” with Tommy Flanagan, Bryan Craig, Sean Patrick Flanery, Parviz Sayyad, and George Kosturos attached to star.

” (weighed 149 on the college wrestling team) “I can lose weight, but I gain even more back!!

But first, walk down to your bathroom and look in the mirror and promise yourself that you won’t lie to me. I promise to continue to cut Reese’s peanut butter cups out of my diet entirely, as well as reduce my sweets and/or desert intake by 80% for an additional year. A goal isn’t a goal until there is an understood path and recipe for achieving. Say publicly exactly what you will accomplish, and don’t forget to include a deadline. Promise yourself and everyone listening and reading.

After all, we’re friends, and friends don’t lie to each other. I also promise to continue my consumption of at least one vegetable smoothie per day for a full year. A goal isn’t a goal until it is publicly proclaimed, so that others can hold you accountable. If you really resolve to make a change, then start right now. Show people that you love yourself, by taking care of yourself. Change your life forever, and join me in changing mine.

The sequel is an original story and not based on my life – I don’t think I would have excelled as an underground fighter.” Lucas, founder and owner of Lucas Oil Products, teamed with actor-producer Afshar in 2015 to launch the production company ESX Entertainment.

The slate includes action-drama “Ride,” starring actor and rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges; the drama “Dirt” starring Kevin Dillon and De Ron Horton; and “The Dog Lover,” a drama starring Lea Thompson, James Remar, Allison Paige, and Jayson Blair.


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