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Honorable Mentions: Whodini: “Friends” – 1985 ; Fat Boys: “Stick ‘Em” – 1985 Rap was not afraid to have fun.

Sure, there were the Schooly D’s and Just Ice’s doing their thing, but they weren’t filling up stadiums at the time.

Six months ago I moved from the Dirty South (Houston) to Southern California.

Since doing so, I’ve had to learn how to get around, how to keep from losing my sanity in traffic, how to find a place to park that won’t result in a parking ticket (which I think is impossible FYI), and the thing that most pertains to this website–how to date in the land of LA. In fact, I’ll have you know that I’ve been on quite a few dates.

She did not return to the show because, at the time the were going to begin production again, she thought she might be pregnant.

There were no exotic locations – the hood was a good enough back drop.

You may remember her from the Christmas Hangover episode. Watch a clip from the first episode of Party Down South. Find out everything you’ve ever needed to know about Party Down South here.

What will Daddy think of her after he wakes up from his nap? Also, follow Hott Dogg on Instagram @Hott Dogg Hannah, Twitter @Hott Dogg Hannah and Facebook.

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