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All Documents Completion Bank Formalities Certificates Verification Group Home Page : [email protected] training procedure 3day - group discussion PRETEST -for analysing your soft skills Soft Skills Training ---------------------Inter Personal Skills Development (2days) Team Work (1days)Customer Orientation (1 day)POST- Test - Evaluating what you gain from the training. For trainees in Long Cycletraining, there will be two examinations, one each towardsthe end of generic phase of the training and another towardsthe end of the stream specific phase of the training.All CS/IT stream Engineers go to Short cycle Batches (1.5weeks)Rest Engineers fall into Long Cycle Batches (3.5 months) -------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule for Short Cycle Batches --------------------------------SCHEDULE FOR GENERIC STREAMCourses Duration RDBMS 3 days L&D Sessions 2days Contact Sessions 1 day Contact Sessions 1 days UI Design Issues 1 day Object Oriented Concepts 1 day Infosys Methodology 1 day SCHEDULE FOR INTERNET STREAMCourses Duration Infosys Quality System 1 day HTML/DHTML/Java Script 2 days Java & Adv Java 6 days Introduction to Web Architecture 1 day Oracle 8i 5 days Servlet Programming 2 days Internet Stream Project 8 days Internet Stream Compre Preparation 1 day Internet Stream Compre Exam 2 days SCHEDULE FOR OPEN SYSTEM STREAMCourses Duration Unix 3 days Group Home Page : [email protected] training procedure Client Server Concepts 1 day Infosys Quality System 1 day Oracle 8 5 days VB 6 6 days Open System Stream Project 8 days Open System Compre Preparation 1 day Open System Compre Exams 2 days----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule for Long Cycle Batches-------------------------------- SCHEDULE FOR GENERIC STREAMCourses Duration Finishing School 2 days Comp. For the Short Cycle trainees, there will be one integratedcomprehensive exam towards the end of their training.Untuk pengulangan/perbaikan daftar nilai dapat diurus mulai tanggal 2-30 Juli 2003, dengan syarat membawa fotokopi transkip nilai. 2cv Van meeting Alleen / Only / Seulement / Nur AU, AZU, AK, AKS, Pickup (AU, AZU, AK, AKS base) Leersum, SVR camping "de Boterbloem" is AZUmeel? Iemand stuurt een bericht / meel (E-mail) naar de lijst serveerder (listserver) en deze verzend de meel dan naar alle leden. Het adres is [email protected] ons niet zo moeilijk om te onthouden, maar je kunt het ook in je adresboekje planten natuurlijk. There were times when yahoo received negative appraisal of users and those were days when yahoo noticed online threats and scams.

Menurut pihak jurusan, pengambilan KRS akan dilaksanakan sekitar tanggal 18 Agustus 2003, namun mengenai kepastiannya akan dikonfirmasikan lebih lanjut.Tapi baru bisa diambil kira2 minggu depan (sekitar-7 Jul), karena harus harus ditanda tangani oleh Dekan.Transkrip bisa diambil di Fakultas Taman Kencana atau Gunung Gede, dengan membawa surat bebas asrama.Please refer to section 2.1 for the details of the grades.Yahoo has turned out to be a standout amongst the most excellent web interface which works in each different aspect rightly.Clients can also find out about these components and use their email accounts completely so they can get best results from their Yahoo mail account.


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