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No matter how small or unimportant a promise may seem, he or she can’t afford to make promises that won’t be kept anymore. Recently, he came to know about one of the men who dumped me two years ago and because of that he also dumped me. May I hasten to say that before you call it quits an investigation into the cause of disbandment of your courtship has to be launched to ensure that in future this does not happen again. To me your failed past relationships is water under the bridge. Their relationship started with a man who dated her for the wrong reasons and thus never truly felt fulfilled in his commitment to this woman. Since they have a child together and that is the only bond they share. This bond will continue to oil their relationship whilst on the other side he will be giving assurances of loving you too. His love for you is worthless, it is plastic – not real so you better not waste your time and energy on this double-standard man. Peacefully leave and thank him for the time you had together. ****** Love lines Dear Pastor, I am a single lady aged 23 looking for a serious God fearing man without children. Call 0973-339578 Dear Pastor, I am a man aged 42 looking for a lady aged 20-35 working or business minded. Dear Pastor, I am a single lady aged 39 without children looking for a serious man to marry. Dear Pastor, I am a man aged 26, looking for a serious matured God fearing lady aged 18 to 23 years. ***** Tip of the Week Marriage: “Be an open book.

We met through Evening Touch on November 11, 2014 and it was instant.

We are both 55 years of age and thanks to Evening Touch we are happy together and still in love and getting married in August , 2015 in Kitwe.

My problem is I am dating a person who is older than me and she plans one day we can get married. However, no one in my circles is in support of the relationship.

I don’t know how to tell her because I’m sure she will be heartbroken and I don’t intend to break her heart.


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